Rules & Regulations

  • All boats wishing docking privileges must register with the Dockmaster upon arrival.
  • No more than one boat may be rafted outboard a moored boat. Rafting can occur only with permission of the Dockmaster and the consent of the master of the moored boat. Full docking fees apply to “rafted” boats.
  • No tie up on red cleats in marked areas.
  • No swimming or diving at any time.
  • All boats must stay clear of the Water Taxi stops at all times.
  • Maximum speed in the harbor is 6 knots.No wake is permitted.
  • No signs or advertising of any kind.
  • No open fires or topside cooking.
  • No painting or repairs unless in emergency and with Dockmaster’s permission.
  • No discharge of waste of any kind.
  • The City reserves the right to remove from the Inner Harbor and impound, at the owners risk and expense, any boat for which dockage fee and electrical surcharge has not been paid in advance.
  • The owner or operator is responsible for the conduct of any guests or passengers. Boisterous conduct and excessive noise are not permitted.

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